Medicaid puts a lien on my mom’s house and it doesn’t sell

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ou need to work with medicaid and prove the 20K.

if they insist it is 60K…and it is only 20k, it will just sit on the market…as long as you continue to pay taxes, you can live there until it sells as long as it is still in the estates name (while you are making the effort to sell it).

you sell with a lien by selling for enough to pay the lien.

you won’t be able to get a mortgage if it needs major repairs, and most banks won’t lend that low for a house…you will have to come up with 20K cash to buy it

in my area, home prices are still lower than they were 10 years about 1/3rd.

You won’t be able to borrow money against it in the shape it’s in. The electrical would have to meet code and they don’t consider rooms a bedroom unless they have a closet inside. If medicaid puts a lien on the house, as executor you would have to make a good faith effort to sell the house. When it’s sold the lien is paid first and the balance goes to the estate. Talk to an attorney about this, but once the lien has been filed, I’d stop paying the taxes on it and let the county seize it and they can fight it out with medicaid.

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