Is the procedure for purchasing a property with a lien attached?

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Medical liens, like many others, may be subject to invalidation for various reasons, if they were not properly filed or backed by proper documentation. So, your lawyer should explain your options, and whether the lien must actually be paid off prior to the transfer, or if they have to sue to enforce it. Some states allow transfer of property subject to certain types of questionable liens, and the buyers simply “hold back”enough money for the eventual payment, effectively causing the sellers to “pay it off” when and if it is ever enforced in court.

you don’t borrow money for the lien, the lien needs to be paid when you buy the property. if there is a 100,000 lien and the house is only worth 60K, you will need to pay the extra 40K out of pocket from savings.

yes you can get a mortgage-IF the sale price minus any closing costs will pay off the lien and any existing mortgage.

for example, the lien is 20K, there is 40K mortgage….market value that you pay is 100K, you can get a 80-100K mortgage (there are limited 0% down programs)…..during the closing, the lien holder gets paid 1st…and seller gets about 30K cash.

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