I dont have any goals

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i hate working enjoy my current job but think thats because i have great employers but in my last job i just wanted to pack it but even still ide love to turn up Monday and quit but what else is there to do rely on the government for hand out not a chance i make my own way in this world and so should you maybe you dont have a goal now but look for try a job find an aspect you like and work towards that positions fully and chuck your disposable income on the lottery so you can quit next week without worry you want anything from live go get it rather than expecting to be handed you i tried so hard to get were i am from leaving school cried some nights because i didnt have money or purpose because people wernt willing to give a uneducated 16 year old a shot you know what i did went to bed woke the next day and tried again found someone who was willing to give me a shot worked there gained experience and looked for a better opportunity

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