Apartment Air Conditioning Concern

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“since it south Texas.”
In July.
And I bet you are a south facing apartment, right?

Yeah, the AC wasn’t sized properly for the space and conditions.

You can help it by installing thick room darkening curtains to help block the IR (infrared, aka heat) from entering through the windows, the lowest energy efficient part of the structure. Some have reflecting panels on the outside facing surface to reflect the heat (IR) back out the window.

Small fans to distribute the air thru the nit will help to stir the air and help evaporate some of the sweat which is the body’s own natural AC.

No that does not sound normal. The AC is either not working properly or is not big enough for the space.

For example: I have 2 portable ac that run full blast all day and barely cool the apt down. But I live upstairs above bathrooms and have a lot of big windows so mine is a case of be insufficient for the space but it is all I have & better than nothing!

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