Anyone know how to be self sustainable without a 9-5 job

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You don’t tell us what you are interested in… or any about yourself.
There is no way to make money without hard work. Many people can do it without it being a 9-5 job, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it noon-to-midnight if they play hooky the day before.

As I said…. I don’t know what your skills are but here is something for example:
Tax preparers are generally not accountants. They have a tax preparation certificate. But they work VERY hard for 4 months out of the year and can work very little the rest
– If you work for one of the name brand tax preparation companies for a few years – learn the ropes. During the off season really become knowledgeable in tax preparation. In 3-5 years you can open your own small preparation service – making $75+ an hour and the off season do a small amount of bookkeeping services.

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